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Liverpool knits, similar to neoprene, scuba, and techno, feature excellent 4-way stretch while exhibiting fun bumpy surfaces. Composed of tightly twisted yarn, their bouncy facings discourage wrinkles and damage from the sun while bragging an excellent grip and good abrasion resistance. Not only are they machine washable, but they are also a wallet-friendly crepe-style option, perfect for countless silhouettes. Their somewhat dry hands and smooth backings pair well with their typical, generous weft-wise stretch of about 75% and warp-wise stretch of about 25%. Excellent for body-hugging dresses, circle skirts, crop tops, trendy oversized blazers, and more, Liverpool knits are sure to make a lasting impression whether you’re dancing at the club or working in the office. Order your fabric online from Supreme Textiles and Trims.

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